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Fire hydrants are an integral part of fire safety and are used by the fire brigade to access water from the local mains supply.

They are mainly located in public footways or highways and are installed, owned and maintained by water companies or local fire authorities.

When fire hydrants are located on private property the maintenance responsibility lies with the owner, occupier or operator of the site.

For example typical examples include: hospitals, university campuses, retail parks, holiday parks, large warehouse sites etc.

The next stage of the inspection involves the hydrant itself being checked. For example, the valve packing needs to be in good order, the outlet should be fitted with a cap which should be secured to the hydrant and there should be a frost/cap valve fitted.

The pressure and flow rate of the water need to be tested using specialist Equipment to ensure it is adequate for fighting fires. Any defects must be notified to the responsible person immediately to enable repairs / replacements to be carried out.